Entry Submitted !

This game is our first one, released for an internal game jam in Dassault Systèmes.

It was our occasion to finally create something, upon an idea of Sammy & Camille and their love for musical games ! A lot of ideas were found, a lot of them thrown away for lack of time and experience in making games - let alone games synchronised with music. But the original need to create something mixing platformer and rythm was fulfilled.

Camille is behind the code and half the design. Creating a musical game  and adequate user-friendly tools to design levels for such a game was something she thought about for a while. Her obsession for the old rail level in Donkey Kong games has something to do with the apparition of minecart in the project.

Sammy is behind the other half of the design and most of the testing. After hours of persistence on mobile musical games, he brought ideas and enthusiasm to the project - and even learned how to write down a rythm by ear on the way.

Amy is behind our sprites. She lacked the time to do everything we had in mind but successfully transformed our free assets to fit our need and add the cuteness and animation we needed ! Seriously though, replacing the fence by a bat is her idea, and it saved the game.

It was a lot of fun creating this and we hope you'll enjoy it ! :)

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